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Air Conditioning Service And Repair

When warm weather hits, your vehicle’s air conditioning system is vital to keeping you cool and comfortable. If you find yourself rolling down the window or even with the AC on it is not keeping you cool, stop by our shop at 1508 Westside Hwy in Lexington, WA 98626 to get an expert opinion on what we can do to fix your A/C problems. The certified technicians at our repair shop are highly trained in A/C recharge and evacuation and can assess interior climate control issues.

We offer affordable prices and guaranteed workmanship. Contact us at (360) 200-5731, so we can help you stay comfortable in hot weather.

Is maintaining your air conditioning important?

The refrigerant used in your AC system is made up of very small molecules which over time will escape through normal use. Today’s vehicles can have less than 1 pound of refrigerant and losing only 10 percent will affect the operation and efficiency of your AC system. Regular maintenance will keep your AC system operating at optimal performance! Detecting damage or leaks to the A/C system of your vehicle sooner rather than later can save you both time and money, keeping you and everyone in your vehicle cool and worry-free. Call us today at (360) 200-5731 or drive by and schedule an appointment with our technicians!

Indications your A/C system may be having issues:

  • When the AC is working properly, the air coming out of the vents should be 40 degrees cooler than the outside air.
  • Your air conditioning blows warm air or only slightly cooler air compared to the outside air. The air smells sweet or musty or like mold or mildew.
  • The A/C only functions when driving but not when idling or quits blowing when the car is not moving.
  • Your engine RPMs fluctuate rapidly while idling, like at a stop light.
  • It feels like there isn’t much air movement even with the fan on high speed.

What we will do when checking your air conditioning system performance:

  • Inspecting the compressor belt and hoses,
  • Check vent air temperature,
  • Check condenser temperature,
  • Check fan speed and verify condenser fan operation,
  • Check for possible leaks if system has had dye added,
  • Using a Scan Tool, check for Diagnostic Trouble Codes and perform a Module Self Test.
  • Call us today at (360) 200-5731 or drive by and schedule an appointment with our technicians!
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