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Is My Car Broken?

At Bob’s Lil Car Hospital, our goal is to help you keep your vehicle safe and reliable. We want to help you to keep your vehicle always running properly at peak performance so we offer several services in the Kelso and Longview area. Our experienced, certified automotive technicians have the years of experience performing everything from oil changes to major engine repairs, testing and analysis.

We use state of the art diagnostic equipment to ensure your vehicle is repaired and serviced correctly the first time around, and we use only the highest quality replacement parts when servicing and repairing your vehicle.

Do I need to have my car checked out?

Bob's Lil Car Hospital is here to Help you!

By being proactive when you think something is wrong can save you a lot of money and heartache by getting it checked out early! Our technicians are here to help you determine if what you are experiencing is normal for the age and mileage on your vehicle or if it is a warning of something is seriously wrong and needs to be corrected soon to prevent a major breakdown.

By using all of your SENSES while driving you will know if you need a professional to inspect your vehicle.

You know your vehicle better than anyone else, so if you notice anything different, it’s time to ask for help.

FEEL, do you feel anything out of the ordinary?

Does the steering wheel shake?

Do you feel a vibration? If yes, do you feel it in your hands? Your feet or in your seat?

Does the front end seem to shimmy?

HEAR, do you hear anything different? Is there a new noise or sound coming from your vehicle?

Woud you describe it as a Clunk? Does it only happen when you go over a bump or pot hole?

Do you hear a new noise when turning? Is it a high pitched squeal, a lower moan or maybe a clicking?

Does the engine make an unusual sound when you start it?

Do you hear something when stopped at a light? Is it clicking or knocking?

Do you hear what sounds like air leaking somewhere?

Maybe you hear what sounds like water sloshing.

SEE, do you see something new?

Is there a warning in the instrument cluster/ dash?

Is there a flickering light somewhere?

Do you see a new stain on the driveway or where you park?

Do you see steam or smoke coming from under the hood or in back of you while driving? What color is the steam/ smoke? Is it white, black or blue?

SMELL, do you smell something new or unusual?

Does it smell like raw fuel?

Burning plastic, rubber or oil?

Does it smell "sweet"?

Stop by Bob’s Lil Car Hospital at 1508 Westside Hwy, Kelso, WA 98626 or call us at (360) 200-5731 and speak to one of our knowledgeable and friendly service advisors. WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

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